Do you perpetually feel like you live inside of a movie?

Are you expecting a light to fall from the sky at any moment?

Has your life reached a standstill because you no longer know what is real?

What if I told you you had the opportunity to free yourself from this separationist museum of horrors?

I am here today to tell you about myself, Mother Tongue, and my rebirth doula practice. When you have reached the limits of your worldview and have no choice but to give birth to a new Self, I am here to serve as your guide, your confidant, a reflection of your many selves.

In order to understand the work of the rebirth doula, you must understand my worldview. Rebirth doula services depend on a sharing of worldviews, so that we can understand the possibilities afforded by personhood.

My worldview is four fold, based on:
1) Recognizing personhood
This is an intersubjective perspective that includes the recognition of both human and other-than-human persons. This includes myself, each of you, this building that we are sitting within, my feline confidants in East Hollywood, and any other entity that I have relations with. I recognize their person-status by the communication that we exchange with each other.

2) The knowledge that language herself is a subject
Our language both enables us to enter into relation with others and to enter into relation with ourselves. My own other than humanness is activated when I recognize language as an animate being with which I can exchange knowledges. We are able to enter into relation with our words (spoken, written, and bodily) and others are invited into this world as well.

This recognition gives language the agency to socially generate our realities. When you educate your attention to the power of your language, you are able to see it rippling into the social universe enabling you to enter into relation with everything around you.

3) Our identity is a clothing that enables us to move through the earth
We possess many complex identities—some are self-generated, some are projected onto us by others. These identities are tools that are constructed by and for our social worlds—they are another form of language itself. As we move through the world, these identities change and molt according to our relational needs.

4) Knowing is kinesthetic
This is the understanding that we move through the world with our bodies, not on-top of it with our isolated intellect (objectivating). Language itself is a muscular effort, our identities are embodied. These clothes allow us to move, speak, communicate, and engage with our world.

Now that you know a little more about my own worldview, let me introduce my re-birth doula practice.

When you feel your skin beginning to shed, but are gripping it tightly, leaving a rotten exoskeleton as your only friend, it’s time to call me, Mother Tongue. Re-engage with your subjectivity in a new world—A world that you are already creating, Today.

As an intersubject, I specialize in traveling between worldviews. By temporarily sharing your worldview, I locate zones of impact between your worldviews in order to help you find the agency to transition. I do this by providing performative mirrors, which force you to simultaneously objectify and embody yourself in order to push you towards your immanent rebirth. I introduce new relational possibilities to you, saving you from solitary confinement so that you may continue to move—the signifying quality of life.

Finally, I educate your attention to intersubjectivity. Through this you will find access to the reserves of power available to everyone willing to expose themselves to the infinite subjecthood of the earth. This is how you will step into your identity and find the places you are needed.

If you believe you may benefit from my practice, please fill out this Missing Person Report and return it to me. 

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