Can I Hear You Now?


If art seeks to reflect, unsettle, and subvert our realities, how are we working to create these dialogues in the spaces that need it most? Catalyzed by recent events and supported by a perpetual gnawing curiosity, this presentation asks us to develop a critical eye towards the metropolitan habit of producing art for an audience of artists. Rather than succumbing to the homogenous self-containment of artist communities, what happens when we re-integrate the narrative of art-making into the public sphere? Based in her work creating guerrilla street performance and rural, community-driven theatre, Christina Novakov-Ritchey will facilitate a discussion about re-occupying public space (and imagination) through art.

Date: November 29, 2016 @ noon

Location: Kaufman Hall Conference Room, UCLA

Produced by the Department of World Arts and Cultures