Sonic Study: Sounds of Palestinian Resistance, pt. 1
Sound and video installation. On view at Houston Climate Justice Museum, January-May 2024. 

Collaboration with the Learning Palestine Group and the Majazz Project (Mo’min Swaitat)

Postsocialist Med as Method
Single-channel video, 2021.

Melting the Fear
Video and photo project with incantation-based healers in North Macedonia and Serbia, 2016-2019.

Labors of Landscape
Performance and video collaboration with Zachary Tate Porter and Mari Beltran.

Performed as part of One Night Stand LA, 2017 at the Royal Viking Motel.
Duration: 3.5 hours

Watch here

No More Dreams
Durational performance and photo project as part of Franko B’s Death and Romance exhibition at Palazzo Lucarini, 2016.

War Island
Performance and video project filmed on Veliko ratno ostrvo in New Belgrade, 2016.