From Archinect: “A floor above, Christina Novakov-Ritchey passionately beat dirt out of a transparent punching bag. The performance piece titled Labors of Land was done in collaboration with Zachary Tate Porter and Mari Beltran and comprised a video-narration about Stella Obst, the female secretary for the Olmsted Brothers during the early 20th century when the firm, composed entirely of men, traveled out to California to survey and design Palos Verdes. Probably the most unexpected, and perhaps the least “architectural” of the bunch, it nevertheless offered a refreshingly nuanced story touching upon issues of gender dynamics, socio-economic stratification and disciplinary expertise, while simultaneously engaging the space at its full capacity.”

Labors of Landscape

Collaboration with Zachary Tate Porter and Mari Beltran.

Performed as part of One Night Stand LA, 2017 at the Royal Viking Motel.

Duration: 3.5 hours

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Backwards scholar, utilitarian artist.   
Los Angeles / Belgrade